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Pacific Natural At Home Digital Exclusive: Victoria Pearson

Pacific Natural At Home Digital Exclusive: Victoria Pearson

To gear up for the October 12th release of our second lifestyle book, Pacific Natural At Home, we’re sharing five home tours that you won’t find in the pages of our upcoming book, but certainly celebrate the spirit of what’s in store. For our second digital exclusive, we’re taking you inside the Ojai oasis that photographer Victoria Pearson calls home. Take a peek at her inspired space, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Pacific Natural At Home here!

Rip & Tan: How would you describe your home’s aesthetic in 3-5 words?
Victoria Pearson: Fresh, clean, simple, textural, and welcoming.
Rip & Tan: What do you consider to be the heart of your home?
Victoria Pearson: The kitchen.
Rip & Tan: What are some of your favorite pieces and places in your home and why?
Victoria Pearson: The house was built in the 1940s by Esther Bruton, an outstanding artist and muralist. She did various examples around the house of her style: the cave painting terrazzo fireplace, the hand-laid pebbles in the entryway, and much more. I knew this was the house for me when I saw all this unique beauty.
Rip & Tan: What room do you live in the most? Where do you feel the most inspired with your camera in hand?
Victoria Pearson: I spend a lot of time in the bedroom. I have a comfortable chair where I can knit and have quiet time there. The garden is always changing and blooming, and I feel the most inspired when the light is right and very photogenic.

"Since I am so visual and sensitive, I wanted a place that would be restful visually."

Rip & Tan: No matter what the day has brought your way, how do you feel the moment you walk through your door? How do you want others to feel when they enter your space?
Victoria Pearson: Very happy and grateful. But I have to say that sometimes when I walk through the door, I will need to adjust things—move this thing to the right, put that vase in another place, and so forth. I’m always striving to create balance. People always ask why I don’t have much art on the walls. I have huge picture windows and views of the landscape and garden, and I really think I don’t need art—the people that inhabit and visit the house, as well as the views, are the things I want to stand out.
Rip & Tan: From the photographs that fill your space to the details that line the halls, what makes this space feel like home?
Victoria Pearson: My family. I love having family photos and treasures from my travels.
Rip & Tan: What were your points of inspiration when designing your home? How did your artistic eye play a role in the process?
Victoria Pearson: Since I am so visual and sensitive, I wanted a place that would be restful visually. Some people think I don’t like color…not true! I bring in touches with seasonal flowers and fruit.
Rip & Tan: What do you love the most about California living? How is this reflected in your home and in your work?
Victoria Pearson: We are fortunate to have an indoor-outdoor place for living and entertaining. We use our outdoor fireplace a lot in the winter. All the things that I am interested in about California living I’m able to parlay into projects for my work.
Rip & Tan: How does living in Ojai inspire how you work, cook, and entertain?
Victoria Pearson: Citrus season is always a big deal! Citrus is plentiful and having a surplus inspired me to do a cookbook Citrus: Sweet and Savory Sun-Kissed Recipes. I’ll also use citrus to decorate the table at Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Rip & Tan: How do your surroundings influence your photography?
Victoria Pearson: I have a studio at home and I try to find beauty in the everyday things around me, so when I am inspired I can go there.
Rip & Tan: What does living well mean to you? How do you bring this to life in your own home?
Victoria Pearson: The things that come to my mind at this point: slow down, simplify, and above all—be grateful.

"I'm always striving to create balance. The people that inhabit and visit the house, as well as the views, are the things I want to stand out."

Photos by Angi Welsch,Victoria Pearson